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A word in your ear ...

Our heritage in sound goes back, way back! From the presentation and production of individual radio programmes for the BBC and commercial radio, to the managing and production of complete radio stations and audio for entire retail networks.

More recently our expertise is being utilised for the production of podcasts. We have particular experience in the creation of brand led podcasts where the engagement of a specific interest group subtly embraces a marketing message.

In-Store sound and In-Flight audio are two areas where clients use our experience. Tesco Express, HMV, Age UK, Marie Curie (Sunday Times Podcast of the Week), Superdrug, British Airways, Post Office and others all work with us producing music and speech based audio programming.

Broadcast Radio

Our specialities in broadcast radio are sports and music. From Formula 1 to Premier League football by way of NFL, Major League Baseball, Netball, Paralympics, Basketball, Cricket and Round the World Sailing, we know our way around the rights (and the wrongs) of professional sport.

In music we have extensive experience in creating and managing audio and video music channels and producing large scale music events with major international stars (see events).

In-Flight Audio

We're proud to work for British Airways, delivering a range of speech-based audio entertainment for millions of travellers around the world. Our BA programmes cover worldwide sports, music,  festivals and a new series called "Taste-Makers" featuring the most celebrated and innovative Michelin starred chefs in the world. 


The fastest growing and most innovative area of audio. Podcasts are delivering ever increasing audiences of highly targeted, specific interest groups. We've thrown all our broadcast radio experience out of the window to develop new thinking and sound new ways of engaging audiences. 

We've produced many sports Podcasts for the BBC and recently and more seriously, a series of Podcasts about end of life care for Marie Curie. Alison Steadman, Adam Buxton, Greg Wise and many more feature in Podcasts produced by Ultimate Sound and Vision.

In-Store and On-Line

Major retail brands work with us to create their in-store music and messaging services. Designed to keep the customer satisfied and just as importantly, informed about all the offers and opportunities available In-Store.

Listen to The Wireless

The Wireless is one of the channels we run 24/7. It's Classic Hits and The Best of Today all day long and then at night it's The Dinner Party - standards, classics, show tunes and The Rat Pack

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